# 3490/2 Adult Main Flow Filter with or without coupler

Reusable filter fits most ventilators.

bulletFits Bourns/Bear, Bennet, Siemens, most ventilators.
bulletFits P-B on inhalation side only
bulletGuaranteed 25 cleanings without flow resistance tests.
bulletHigh efficiency, particulate air (HEPA)filter
bullet99.97% filtration efficacy of 0.3 micron or larger.


Connect the main flow filter inlet to the ventilator outlet, observing at all times the flow direction arrow. Our filters are clinically efficatious with most ventilators and their respective installation directions can be used for installation of our filter.


Besides care during handling and sterilization, maintenance is limited to replacement of a filter when it becomes so loaded with particles that it offers too great a resistance to gas flow. However, even this maintenance is minimized because there are 25 cleaning boxes molded into the filter housing, which should be scribed or marked before each autoclaving. The flow resistance tests will not be required until the 25th box has been marked. If flow resistance tests become necessary, the filter should be replaced when the pressure drop accross the filter exceeds 4.0 cm H2O at 100 LPM flow.
See also "General Information re Testing, Sterilization" on filter menu.

Mark each use with permanent marking pen.
Use # 1469 reusable coupler where coupler is required.