# MQ 303 Disposable Respiratory Therapy (Mainflow) Filter (50/case)


This high performance filter may be used as a disposable substitute for our number 3490/3492 reusable filters. It features a multi-layer, naturally hydrophobic and electrostatically charged filter media.
The media is integrated into a clear, compact, lightweight filter housing for optimum flow dispersion and utilization of filter surface area.


bulletCompressible Volume: 38 ml
bulletRecommended Min. Tidal Volume: 100 ml
bulletFlow Resistance: 1.56 cm/H2O at 50 LPM
bulletWeight: 16 g
bulletFiltration Efficiency: 99.98%
bulletConnections: 22 mmF - 22 mmM/15 mmF
bulletFilter Media: Polypropolene
bulletCasing Media: Polyethlene