# 3790/2 Universal Nebulizer / O2 Filter with or without coupler


Reusable, autoclavable,

Photo shows #3790 with Tubing Coupler attached. #3792 is the same without coupler.


bulletFor nebulizer drive-line filter on volume ventilators.
bulletFor IPPB therapy on respiration units.
bulletPatient filter on oxygen concentrators.

Features and Benefits

bullet99.97% D.O.P. retentive of 0.3 micron (or larger) particles.
bulletFits all major oxygen concentrators.
bulletFits positive pressure ventilator systems.
bullet15.3 sq cm filtration area, high dirt loading capacity.
bulletPressure drop accross filter is acceptable for both nebulizer and "patient filter" applications.
bulletA tri-barb connector easily adapts to 1/8" to 3/8" (3-10mm) ID tubing.

Filter Media

Hydrophobic laminated glass fiber


Connect the universal oxygen filter outlet to the nebulizer inlet. Connect the nebulizer filter coupler to the filter inlet. If positioning the filter at the nebulizer inlet is not convenient, reverse the filter coupling. Then fit the filter inlet to the nebulizer filter coupler on the unit. Connect the nebulizer tube on the filter outlet.


Besides care during handling and sterilization, maintenance is limited to replacement of a filter when it becomes so loaded with particles that it offers too great a resistance to gas flow. Since relatively high pressures are used to power a nebulizer, build up of particles in the filter becomes important only when the desired fog cannot be obtained from a nebulizer. If the output of a nebulizer is deficient, check its output with the filter removed. If this removal corrects the output, the filter should be replaced.