VersaLab* — Perform comprehensive vascular testing anywhere with our new battery operated bi-directional Doppler. VersaLab is loaded with diagnostic features at a remarkable, value-packed price.


Two models available — VersaLab SE, a deluxe model with color spectral analysis for accurate visualization and quantification of blood flow parameters including velocity, directionality, and a number of calculated measurements. And the VersaLab LE with a simple black and white waveform trace for basic evaluation and documentation with a more economical price.

Built-in printer — For fast, complete and accurate results - documented with room for comments ready to submit for reimbursable studies.

Lightweight — This exciting product weighs a mere 1.9 Kg. (4.1 pounds), and is battery or line operated for the ultimate in portability and convenience.

Value packed — VersaLab is perfect for use in physicians' offices, vascular labs, extended care facilities, mobile labs, or anywhere documented vascular testing and reimbursement are important issues.

VersaLab Features:

bulletChoice of 4 or 8 MHz frequency continuous wave doppler transducers optimized for detecting bloodflow throughout peripheral parts of the body.
bulletOptional color display feature allows quantification, documentation and qualification of bloodflow using a color frequency distribution spectral analysis for accurate determination of direction and velocity of bloodflow.
bulletFast, built-in printer for quality documentation of all information obtained.
bulletA variety of industry standard calculations and indices calculated to complement the diagnostic capabilities of the VersaLab.


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