The StethoDop is a small, lightweight (1.5 oz) vascular Doppler that twists on and off of most existing bell-style stethoscopes. "Add a little twist to your practice."™

bulletThe easy-to-use 5 MHz probe makes locating vessels fast and simple. There is no need to angle the probe. The probe face is simply placed flat on the patient's skin. The special crystals are already positioned inside the probe at an optimum angle. Even inexperienced staff members find the StethoDop easy to use.
bulletUsing a Doppler has never been more convenient and easily accessible. This unit gives you freedom to quickly switch from stethoscope to Doppler use.
bulletVascular applications include performing an ankle/brachial index, detecting arterial disease, diagnosing venous disease, assessing blood pressures, checking for impotence and locating vessels for IVs.


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