Pocket-Dop 3
Obstetrical Applications

The Pocket-Dop 3 is a compact obstetrical Doppler.
bulletUses autocorrelation to quickly acquire and accurately track the fetal heart rate.
bulletOversized, high-contrast display for easy reading.
bulletComes with its own recharging stand.
bulletInterchangeable probes - 3 MHz blue probe for early pregnancy or 2 MHz pink probe for later term or large patients.
bulletDigital volume controls that are more rugged
bulletUnique magnetic probe holder
bulletUniquely designed anatomical probe enables it to be easily angled down behind the pubic bone for optimum detection of early fetal heart beats.
bulletTough, high-flex, long-life cable minimizes cord problems
bulletOpen speaker provides suprisingly good sound from a small, compact speaker

Pocket-Dop 3 Technical Specifications

Battery type:
Battery Capacity:
5.0 x 3.3 x 1.0 inches (12.7 x 8.31 x 2.54 cm)
10 oz (283.5 grams) with one probe
NiCad, user replaceable
More than 60 exams of one minute duration each


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