Pocket-Dop II

The Pocket-Dop II is known worldwide as the leading Doppler.

bulletFour interchangeable probes - two obstetrical and two vascular - and a built-in speaker are features that make this device versatile for many applications.
bulletOther features include belt clip, sturdy, protective carrying case, recharger, and a five-year parts warranty.
bulletVascular applications include helping to detect arterial disease and venous disease, assessing blood pressures, checking for impotence and locating vessels for IVs and any other application where detection and monitoring of blood flow is important.
bulletThe 5 MHz probe is used for general vascular diagnosis. May be used for deep arterial and venous flow detection.
bulletThe 8 MHz probe is a vascular probe used for superficial vessel studies. It can be used to assess blood pressures and detect blood flow in digits.

Pocket-Dop II Technical Specifications

Power source:
Battery type:
Battery capacity:
Battery recharge time:
6.0 x 2.49 x 1.2 inches (15.24 x 6.32 x 3.05 cm)
10.9 oz (309 grams)
110V recharger (220V optional)
(2) AA rechargeable NiCad batteries.
More than 60 exams of one minute duration each
10 hours (3.5 hours to restore 50% of capacity)

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