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E3.jpg (6074 bytes) Tunturi C500 Independent Tri-Stepper
bulletIndependent stepping action burns more calories in less time than dependent climbers
bulletPatented tubular steel Tri-Frame® eliminates vibrations and adds stability
bulletcomfortable, contoured Comfort Bars® with thick, foam padding
bulletContour Wave® pedals feature toe pockets and a contoured surface to prevent feet from falling asleep
bulletResistance settings can be adjusted while climber is in motion
bulletEasy-to-use Logic Touch® electronics meter
bulletPolar® heart-rate software already present in
electronics module
bulletDisplays time, number of steps, steps/min,
calories burned, and pulse
bulletCompatible with Polar heart-rate transmitter
belt, available as an optional extra from


E3_Comp.jpg (2751 bytes) Tunturi C525i Pro Climber
bulletSafe and effective exercise for people of all ages
bulletDurable and challenging stepper for gym use
bulletIndependent foot pedals
bulletHydraulic resistance adjustable according to your fitness level and during exercise
bulletVersatile and easy-to-read meter
bulletDisplays time, number of steps,steps/min, and
energy consumption
bulletAbility to set values; time count-up, time count-down,
calories count-up, calories count-down, alarm signal
sounds in time with preset temp
bulletBar diagram displays current number of steps per
minute multiplied by 10


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Tunturi C900 Heart Rate Controlled Tri-Stepper


Heart-rate controlled stepper for safe and efficient training


36 pre-programmed workouts featuring interval, hill and manual modes


Independent action requires aggressive stepping movement so you burn more calories


Maintenance-free ECB magnetic resistance system creates smooth stepping


Designed to ensure correct exercise position, providing a comfortable workout

bulletPolar® heart-rate transmitter included as standard

Designed for use at home and rehabilitation

bulletLogic Touch® display  shows workout profile, user's
progress, total steps, elapsed time, steps per minute,
calories per minute, total calories burned and pulse
bulletIncludes option to create and save own training profiles
bulletPulse control feature makes it possible to keep your pulse at a set level
bulletProgram duration up to 90 minutes, 9 effort levels
bulletHeart-rate control, hill programs, and a selection of interval profiles


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