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Tanita Body Composition Analyzers/Scales


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Tanita TBF-215 Body Composition Analyzer/Scale

Tanita TBF-215 Body Composition Analyzer Scale is designed for the healthcare professional. The Tanita TBF-215 Body Composition Analyzer Scale comes equiped with a built in height rod allowing the physician the opportunity to measure weight, body fat, hydration level as well as the patient's actual height at one single location. This unit has a remote display just like the Tanita TBF-300 and the Tanita TBF-310. The Tanita TBF-215 also comes equipped with a stand for the digital display and printer to be stationed on. This unit has a 440 lb weight capacity and as the other professional Tanita Body Composition Analyzer Scales, you may measure in kg too

bullet440 lb. Weight Capacity
bulletBIA (Bio Electrical Impedance Analysis) Measurement Method
bullet.2 lb. Weight Graduation
bulletLCD Digital Display
bulletHeight Rod Attaches To The Body Fat Monitor Scale
bulletUses 2.44" X 300" Thermal Printer Paper
bullet.2 lb. or .1 kg Fat Mass Measurement
bullet.2 lb. or .1 kg Fat Free Mass Measurement
bullet1% to 75% Body Fat Measurement
bullet.2 lb. or .1 kg T.B.W. (Total Body Water) Measurement
bulletAC Adapter Included


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Tanita TBF-310 Body Composition Analyzer/Scale

Tanita TBF-300 Body Composition Analyzer Scale is our highest volume body compositional analyzer scale volume due to it's features such as the 440 lb weight capacity, remote digital display, results printer and price. The Tanita TBF-300 Body Compositional Scale will fit the bill for the physician's office, health clinic, hospital, gym or health club. As with every Tanita Body Composition Scale, the Tanita TBF-300 is easy to program and within seconds your client has a printed analysis of their body composition including weight, body fat in pounds and precent and hydration level too.


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Tanita TBF-310 Body Composition Analyzer/Scale

Tanita TBF-310 Body Composition Analyzer enjoys all the great functions the Tanita TBF-300 has except the weight capacity on the Tanita TBF-310 Body Composition Analyzer Scale is 600 lb. The increased weight capacity of the Tanita TBF-310 offers the physician or weight management professional the opportunity to serve clients that most physician's can not help. This unit has a lower profile lying closer to the ground and this offers just a little more stability. As with the Tanita TBF-300, The Tanita TBF-310 Body Compositional Analyzer Scale is easy to program and the results are printed in seconds.


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The New 350e Body Composition Analyzer/Scale
With Tanita's new 350e, accurate body composition analysis is only a few steps away. You get the same advanced technology and durable quality found in our professional level analysis, only at a fraction of the cost and size.
While most other professional scales rely on inexpensive mechanical levers and springs that wear out quickly, Tanita's weighing system consists of a "motionless" block of solid metal known as a "Single-Point Load Cell." To you this means better accuracy and durability for years to come.

Here's how it works:

bulletEnter height, age and gender and have patient step on.
bulletWithin seconds, weight, BMI and body fat percentage is displayed on the LCD.
bulletFeatures a precise, built-in 440 lb. X .02 lb. digital scale and simple keypad.
bulletFor more in-depth results, including hydration levels, fat free mass, basal metabolic rate and more, simply connect the unit to a PC running Tanita's new HMS Plus Software.


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Tanita TBF-410 Body Composition Analyzer/Scale

Tanita TBF-410 Body Composition Analyzer Scale has the same functions as the two Tanita Body Composition Analyzer Scales above and this body composition analyzer scale is equipped with a post which holds the digital display and the printer at waist level for the client to see their own body composition. As with the Tanita TBF-300 and the Tanita TBF-310 Body Composition Analyzer Scales, the Tanita TBF-410 is easy to program and the results are displayed and printed in seconds.


Digital Healthcare Scales
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BWB-800-S Remote Display Version
BWB-800-P Column Mounted Version

High quality digital scales. All BWB-800 models feature a high-capacity scale platform, tare feature, lb./kg switch, with lock, and an easy to read 1" display. Power supplied via A/C adapter (included) or "AA" batteries (not included).

Capacity: 440lb. or 200 kg
Platform size: 11.8" X 13.25" X 3.12


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HD309 Digital Scale

An excellent value, this new precision scale model features a contemporary platform design with a large 1" display. comes with support feet for use on carpeting. "Lo" message appears when batteries need replacing.

*Available in black & white


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Model 1623 Digital Scale

Incredibly light (only 2 lb.) and compact, this handy, extremely portable scale (only 9 3/4" by 9" from handle to the bottom and 1 3/4" high) takes up little floor space and stores easily. Fits in your briefcase. The large LED display makes reading easy as you step off the scale to trigger the readout.

*Available in white only.



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