Range of Motion


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Model 01285 Sit and Reach Flexibility Test
To measure hip and lower back flexibility, the subject sits with his/her feet against the device and flexes forward, moving the slide bar with his/her hands to a point of maximum travel. This device contains a slide bar and scale with highly visible markings. The scale is in both inches and centimeters. It folds flat for easy storage and transportation.


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Model 01146 Leighton Flexometer
Used to determine the degrees of the arc through which a selected body joint moves. After flexing arm, leg or other body joint, the needle position shows degrees moved. Comes complete with detailed instruction manual and norms.


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Model 01129 Guymon Goniometer
The Guymon Goniometer eliminates the need to manually score each measurement. By storing the information internally, it reduces evaluation time. Scores can be recalled later or can be loaded directly into a computer through the use of Serial Port Computer Interface and Software Model 01129IBM. The goniometer can measure any joint angle or range of motion quickly and accurately. It has a range of 0o to 360o and is accurate to +/- 1o. It stores up to 80 data points or 80 subject/joint numbers.


Model 01129IBM Serial Port Computer Interface and Software
Use with the Guymon Goniometer and a Windows® compatible computer to load range-of-motion scores and subject/joint numbers into your software package of choice.


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Model J00240 12.5" Plastic Goniometer
Transparent plastic device allows location of axis movement and observation of joint movement. Has a 360o scale marked in 1o increments.

Model J00245 7.875" Plastic Goniometer
Transparent plastic device with a 360o scale marked in 5o increments


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Model F00520 Pluri-Dig
A hyperextension finger goniometer that can be held and operated with one hand. Measures extension/hyperextension and flexion of the digits from the dorsal surface of the hand for increased accuracy. A 10-cm scale (in millimeter increments) on the grip allows easy measurement of fingertip-to-palm distance.


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Model F00630 Biplane Goniometer
Hand-held, transparent goniometer standardizes the clinical assessment of ankle dorsiflexion. Structure allows examiner to control entire forefoot, subtalar joint and ankle joint, preventing unacceptable pronation during measurement. Incorporation of a plantar platform as a goniometric mobile arm also minimizes the variables in technique common with single-plane goniometers.


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Model J00225 14" Goniometer, 180 Degrees
Has two 180o scales that read in opposite directions. Scales are marked in 1o increments. 14" long. Stainless Steel.

Model J00210 14" Goniometer, 360 Degrees
Features one 360o and two 180o scales that read in opposite directions. Scales is marked in 1o increments. 14" long. Stainless steel.


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Model J00215 8" Goniometer, 180 Degrees
Has two 180o scales that read in opposite directions. Scale is marked in 1o increments. 8" long. Stainless steel.

Model J00220 Robinson Pocket Goniometer
Ideal for measuring small joints of the hand. Has a 180o scale marked in 5o increments. 7" long. Stainless steel.


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Model J00200 Professional 6-piece Goniometer Set
This set includes one each of the following: 8" Goniometer, 180 Degrees; 14" Goniometer, 180 Degrees; 14" Goniometer, 360 Degrees; the Robinson Pocket Goniometer; 5.5" Finger Goniometer and the X-Ray Finger Goniometer. Comes complete with a padded carrying case with compartments to hold goniometers firmly in place.


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Model J00203 4" Short Finger Goniometer
Model J00205 5.75" Finger Goniometer
These goniometers are used for easy range-of-motion measurements of metacarpal, phalangeal and interphalangeal joints. There are linear inch and centimeter markings on both sides of the protractors, in opposite directions. The protractors measures 0 o to 150 o in 5o increments. Stainless steel.


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Model F00550 Unilevel Inclinometer
This dual-scale inclinometer is graduated in 1o increments on one side and 2o increments on the other. The 2o scale has large numbers for easy reading in clinical applications. The 1o scale has vernier for bench accuracy. It’s adjustable legs and ergonomic design allow measurement from small landmarks. It is deal for measuring and standard recording using the neutral zero method. Includes small carrying pouch.


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Model 01145 Arthrodial Protractor
This device quickly and accurately measures the range of motion for all major joints of the body. It is durably constructed of one piece of clear acrylic plexi-glass and features a built-in leveling bubble to ensure accuracy. Degree markings are red and black for easy reading.


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