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Hydrostatic Weighing Tanks
Complete systems for manual or computerized operation


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Plastic Tank with Loadcell

Hydrostatic measurements are based on the assumption that density and specific gravity of lean tissue is greater than that of fat tissue. Therefore, lean tissue will sink in water and fat tissue will float. By comparing a test subject's weight measured out of the water and submerged underwater, body composition can be calculated.


Tank: Plastic or Stainless Steel
Scale: Electronic Loeadcell, Digital or Chantillion Scale ( 9 or 15 Kg )
Pump-Filter-Heater Unit
Nylon Chair
Weight Belt

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Pump-Filter-Heater Unit


Digital Hanging Scale for Underwater Weighing

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Stainless Steel Tank with Manual Scale

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4-digit 0.5" LCD provides weight and tare indication.

15 kg model with 0.5% accuracy is ideal for underwater weighing.

Low battery indication with Auto power-off.

Dimensions: 3.5" x 4.8" x 1" (89 x 122 x 25 cm)

Weight: 10 oz (284g)

Durable ABS plastic


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