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CT1 Personal Calorie Tracker Kit

ct1.jpg (4239 bytes) The CT1 Personal Calorie Tracker is a simple, easy-to-use device that looks just like a pager. The CT1 allows users to accurately monitor their caloric burn by measuring and recording body movement.
The CT1 is worn on the waist and continuously tracks caloric burn during a particular activity, a specific time frame or throughout the day. Using the CT1 docking station with the CT1 unit and Stayhealthy software enables users to connect their computers to the web site through their existing Internet connection. Within seconds, the Stayhealthy website displays performance graphs, articles and other tools that help users achieve their personal weight management goals.

* Stayhealthy is pleased to include in the purchase price a one year subscription to your Stayhealthy personal CT1 web site


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