bulletIncreased sensitivity
bulletExtensive and flexible placement range
bulletConnects to AC jack box
bulletNo batteries required


Small and lightweight piezo sensor is intended to detect tracheal sounds during sleep disorder studies. Sensor is specifically designed to pick up the frequency range of snoring, which creates clear and reliable tracings.

Sensor Technology Piezo Crysttal
Typical Polygraph Settings Sensitivity: 20 - 75 uV/mm
Low frequency filter/Time constant: 5Hz/.03 seconds
High frequency filter: 70 Hz
Typical Signal Amplitude 1000 microvolts peak to peak. Typical signal amplitudes may vary. Response is dependent on such variables as snore magnitude, neck density, sleep position, polygraph characteristics, etc.
Connector Type 1.5 mm touch-proof safety connector
Wire Length 213cm (7.0 feet)


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