bulletCompatible with most computerized polygraphs
bulletRecords four primary sleep positions plus sitting up
bulletSensor pillow is comfortable and easily mounts onto most respiratory effort belts


The SPI sensor is designed for computer based systems. A battery-powered sensor that produces position dependent DC voltage levels to be interpreted by computerized polygraphs.

Sensor Technology Gold plated ball bearing rotary sensor
Power Requirements Permanently encapsulated 3 volt lithium battery
Typical Signal Amplitude Up: 0 VDC Supine: 0.41 VDC Right: 0.78 VDC Prone: 0.62 VDC Left: 0.19 VDC All positions are +/- 10% over the life of the battery
Battery Life One Year Minimum
Output Impedance Static and dynamic: 78.8 KOhms
Standard Connector Type Polygraph dependant
Wire Length 7.0 feet

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