bulletComfortable, adjustable and easy to install
bulletConnects to AC Jack Box, no batteries required
bulletInsulated tips eliminate artifact
bulletCompatible with most polygraphs
bulletAvailable in one, and two channel models
bulletAdult and pediatric sizes.
bulletThermistors require dedicated inputs

Pediatric sizes available

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Sensor Technology Type "E" Thermocouple
Power Requirements No external power is required, signal is self generating
Typical Polygraph Settings Sensitivity: 2 - 30 microvolts/mm Low frequency filter/Time constant: 16 Hz or lower/1 second or longer High frequency filter: 15 Hz
Typical Signal Amplitude 400 microvolts peak to peak (3 element single channel sensor) Typical signal amplitudes may vary considerably. Response is dependent on such variables as sensor placement, patient airflow sleep position, ambient room temperature, CPAP pressure, polygraph characteristics, etc.
Output Impedance Static and dynamic: 7 ohms (3 element single channel sensor) Non-referenced bipolar output
Standard Connector Type 1.5 mm touch-proof safety connector
Wire Length 7.0 feet
Note: Pro-Tech airflow sensors are non-referenced and produce bipolar microvolt level signals. Proper signal processing requires the use of AC coupled, referenced differential amplifiers.

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