bulletLatex free for technologist and patient safety
bulletQuickly and easily straps to patient's leg or arm
bulletNo more gluing or taping of EMG electrodes
bulletConnects to AC Jack Box, no batteries required


The Periodic Limb Movement sensor is designed to detect limb movement during sleep disorder studies. The sensor provides clean and reliable tracings. Multiple sensors may be connected together in order to combine PLM waveforms onto a single recording channel.

Sensor Technology Moving coil in permanent magnet
Typical Polygraph Settings Sensitivity: 10 - 50 uV/mm
Low frequency filter/Time constant: 5 Hz/.03 seconds
High frequency filter: 70 Hz
Typical Signal Amplitude 700 microvolts peak to peak. Typical signal amplitudes may vary considerably. Response is dependent on such variables as sensor placement, magnitude of limb movements, polygraph characteristics, etc.
Connector Type 1.5 mm touch-proof safety connector
Wire Length 335cm (11.0 feet)

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