NIBP Simulator

SmartArm, the ultimate testing machine for non-invasive blood pressure monitors. SmartArm is the only battery-powered and portable blood pressure simulator, half the size and weight of the competition. SmartArm also provides built-in adult and neonate mandrels, eliminating the need to bring along "blocks" to test blood pressure monitors. SmartArm is the only blood pressure simulator that provides Auscultatory Simulation to test IVAC blood pressure monitors.

The second generation SmartArm includes features suggested by hospital biomedical departments and industry R&D departments:

bulletauscultatory NIBP simulation
bulletinternal pump for static calibration, leak tests and over-pressure tests
bulletindependent systolic and diastolic pressures
bullethigh resolution (5 msec sampling) cuff and pulse pressure
bulletwaveform display with scrolling and variable zoom.

Of course the new SmartArm still includes the benefits that have gained it worldwide recognition:

bullet0.5 mmHg NIBP accuracy
bulletbattery or AC operation
bullet320 x 240 graphic display
bulletdigital manometer with 0.1 mmHg resolution
bulletclosed-loop servo for accurate pulse generation
bulleta system half the size and weight of the competition.

And, because of its advanced design, SmartArm is still the most affordable NIBP tester available.

SmartArm: the Smart choice for serious NIBP testing.


Dynamic Non-invasive Blood Pressure
SmartArm simulates normal hypertensive and hypotensive dynamic, non-invasive blood pressures. Simulations represent typical adult, infant, and neonatal patients. Generates normal, bradycardia, and tachycardia rhythm selections with a wide range of user-programmable weak, normal, and strong peripheral pulse amplitudes. Compatible with oscillometric and selected auscultatory NIBP devices.

Oscillometric NIBP Calibration Tables
Colin, Criticare, Critikon, Datascope, Hewlett-Packard, Marquette, Protocol Systems, SpaceLabs.

Please contact the factory for the availability of other oscillometric calibration tables

Auscultatory NIBP Calibration Tables
IVAC, Schiller

Please contact the factory for the availability of other auscultatory calibration tables.

Preprogrammed Target Value Selections
Systolic/Diastolic (MAP):
60/30 (40); 80/50 (67); 100/65 (75); l20/80 (90); 150/100 (115); 200/150 (165); and 255/195 (215)
Repeatability: < 1% of selected target value

Independent Systolic/Diastolic Pressures
Independent Systolic/Diastolic: Adult Systolic/Diastolic pressures can be changed in 1mmHg steps.

Adult Arrhythmia Selections
bulletBaseline NIBP Target Value: 120/80 (90)
bulletAtrial Fibrillation (A-Fib)
bulletPremature Atrial Contraction (PAC)
bulletPremature Ventricular Contraction (PVC)
bulletMissed Beat (MB)
bulletSinus Arrhythmia (SA)
bulletAbberant Sinus Conduction (AS)

Preprogrammed Peripheral Pulse Waveforms
Pulse Amplitude @ MAP: 2.0 mmHg (nominal adult value)
Pulse Volume range: 0 to 4.4 ml
Pulse Rise Time: 80 msec (minimum)
Heart Rates: Pre-Sets: 30, 40, 60, 80, 120, 160, 200, 240 BPM
Selectable Range: 20 - 240 BPM, 5 bpm steps 1 BPM steps via Serial Remote
Heart Rate Accuracy: 1 % of selected rate

User Programmable Target Value Shifts
Horizontal Axis: Preprogrammed target value selections can be shifted in 1.0 mmHg steps over a maximum range of 100 mmHg to increase or decrease dynamic pressure values.

Vertical Axis: Relative amplitude can be shifted in 1% increments over a maximum range from 0 to 200% to simulate weak, normal, and strong peripheral pulses.

Displayed Graphics

bulletDynamic Real-Time NIBP Cuff Pressure waveform
bulletProgrammed peripheral pulse waveform
bulletEnvelope waveform

Displayed Real-Time Parameters
Instantaneous Cuff Pressure: 0.0 to 410 mmHg
Peak Cuff Pressure: 0.0 to 410 mmHg peak
Inflate/Deflate Time: 0.1 to 999.9 seconds
Inflate/Deflate Rate: 0.1 to 999.9 mmHg/second
Total Measurement Time: 0.0 to 999.9 seconds maximum

Heart Rate Systolic/Diastolic (Mean) Target Values
User-Programmed Vertical and Horizontal Shifts

System Leak Testing
Start Pressure: 200 mmHg nominal, 410 mmHg maximum
Elapsed Time: 60 Seconds
Leak Rate Range: 0.25 to 410 mmHg maximum
Input Overpressure Limit: 1500 mmHg Automatic or Manual Inflation
Digital Readouts: Manometer, Start Pressure, Pressure Drop, Elapsed Time, Leak Rate

Digital Manometer
Pressure Range: 0.0 w 410 mmHg
Measurement Parameters: Instantaneous and peak
Input Overpressure Limit: 1500 mmHg
Accuracy: 0.5 mmHg, traceable to NIST (NBS) Standards
Resolution: 0.1 mmHg

Pop-Off Valve Testing
Automatically tests operation of the monitor's relief valve

Measurement Parameters: Instantaneous and peak pressure
Maximum Pressure: 410 mmHg
Input Overpressure Limit: 1500 mmHg Automatic or Manual Inflation

Systolic/Diastolic (mean) Arterial Pressure: Based on programmed set points on the oscillometric pulse envelope.
Static Pressure: 0.5% mmHg

User can program up to five sequences to test NIBP monitors with a specific series of SmartArm performance tests.

These tests can include: Static Pressure Test; Leak Test; Pop-Off Test

Dynamic MBP Tests:
Program up to eight of the Adult - Neonatal-Arrhythmia NIBP selections Each selection can be cycled up to 99 times during the test sequence. Test report with results can be printed.

Cuff Mandrels
Plastic & Aluminum Cylinders
bulletMedium Adult (3.75" OD, 7" width)
bulletNeonate (1 .25" OD, 1 .7" width)

Adult & Neonate mandrels are built into SmartArm for portability and ease of use.

Please contact the factory for the availability of other cuff mandrels.

Cuff Adapters
Cuff adapters insert between the NIBP device, cuff and analyzer. These adapters are compatible with oscillometric and selected auscultatory NIBP monitors.

bulletMale/Female LUER Locking
bulletFemale/Male LUER Non-Locking Taper
bulletMale/Male Hose Barb (large 5/32 in.)
bulletMale/Male Hose Barb (small 1/8 in.)
bulletMale/Female Clippard (Critikon, Siemens)
bulletColder/CPU (Marquette, Protocol Systems)
bulletOBAC Quick Release (Hewlett-Packard)
bulletIVAC Auscultatory Cable
bulletSchiller Auscultatory Cable

Self Test Accessories

bulletPressure Bulb Assembly (tees into any Cuff Adapter)
bulletSelf system leak test hose (plugged at distal end)

Digital Interfaces
RS-232C/Serial: Bi-directional. Downloads cuff measurement data and controls performance tests features with a compatible computer or via the medTester.
Parallel/Printer: Centronics compatible
Pulse Sync: 0 to 5 VDC (TTL)

Full Alphanumeric/Non-glare Graphic LCD
Resolution: 240 vertical x 320 horizontal with contrast controls
Dot Pitch: 0.30 mm

110 - 240 VAC, 50 watts average, 100 watts peak, 50 - 60 Hz, Desktop Switcher
Output: 24VDC @ 2.2A, 6 foot cable
Safety Agency Approvals: UL, CSA, TUV
Internal Battery: Rapid-charge nickel cadmium
Voltage: 19.2V
Capacity: 1.2A-Hr, 150 NIBP Simulations
Charge Time: 12 Hours

8.75 pounds with internal battery

8" Wide x 5" High x 12" Long
Case: Aluminum with non-skid feet and heavy duty carrying handle.

Standard Accessories

bulletExternal Power Supply & Cord
bulletAdult & Neonate Cuff Mandrels
bulletEight Cuff Adapters
bulletPressure Bulb Assembly
bulletSelf system leak test hose
bulletOperation/Service Manual
bulletInternal Pump
bulletInternal Battery

Optional Accessories

bulletSmartArm Carry Case
bulletmedTester Interface: SmartArm can upload test results into the medTester/ Sentinel equipment management system.
bulletIVAC Auscultatory Cable

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