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Electrosurgery Certified
nerve stimulator and locator

bulletInstantaneous Constant Current Output Control
bulletWide view 16 characters LCD
bulletRepeat or on-demand functions
bulletAutomatic Shut Off
bulletAudible Response
bulletOptional pole mounting bracket

It is no longer necessary to disconnect the stimulator during electrosurgery procedures.* EZStim is the first commercially available electrosurgery certified peripheral nerve stimulator and nerve locator. EZStim can be used as  peripheral nerve stimulator to monitor neuromuscular transmission to determine the effectiveness of muscle relaxants or as a nerve locator to help locate the targeted fasciculus when delivering regional anesthesia.

EZStim includes:

bullet(1) pair EL-5TP Extension Leads with attached Alligator Clip. These leads can be used for nerve stimulation and nerve location.
bullet(2) ProBloc insulated regional block needles **

Optional Accessories for Nerve Location:

bulletTPRN-12S (12" long) Clips to ProBloc Regional Block needles and replaces heavy alligator clips.
bulletTPTJ-24S (7' long) Connects ProBloc HN3 series needles or TPRN-12S to stimulator.
bulletH1543 (8' long) Snap connector lead wire connects stimulator to surface electrode.
bulletMB-4 Mounting Bracket for IV Stand (available but not included with instrument)


EZStim ES Series Stimulus Patterns:

Output Current: High Range: 0-80 mA; Low Range: 0-8.0 mA (0-1.0mA in .1mA steps)

Twitch: Single or Repeat 1 Hz
Train of Four: Single or Repeat every 10 seconds
Double Burst 3,3: Single or Repeat every 20 seconds
Tetanus: 50 Hz or 100 Hz
Size: (WxLxH) 3.7" x 6.2" x 1.4" (9.4cm x 15.8cm x 3.6cm)
Weight: 11.5 oz (326 g)
Auto Shut-Off: 20 minutes of non use
Specifications subject to change Caution: Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale on or by the order of a physician.

*Tests indicate no malfunction of any kind with an electrosurgery scalpel or cautery operating more than 12" from the stimulator.
**Requires that a questionnaire be filled out and returned to Life-Tech.

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