MicroSim COS
Cardiac Output Simulator

The MicroSim COS Cardiac Output Simulator is a simple to use instrument designed to test the performance of thermal dilution cardiac output monitoring devices. It simulates Baxter and Edwards catheter systems providing four blood flow rates, two blood temperatures, and two injectate temperatures. Normal and square waves are selectable.

The MicroSim COS is a small, hand-held, battery operated instrument that is easy to use. One keystroke begins the waveform simulation.

Testing Features:

bulletBaxter, Edwards Compatible
bulletFour Blood Flow rates 
bulletTwo Blood Temperatures
bulletTwo Injectate Temperatures

Operating Features:

bulletSmall, Lightweight
bulletPower Up Self Test
bulletLED Indication of Selected Function
bulletBattery Operation


Catheter Size: 7F

Injectate Volume: 10 CC

Computation Constant: 0.542

Blood Temperatures: 37C & 38C

Injectate Temperature: 0C & 20C
Accuracy: 1%

Blood Flow rates: 3, 5, 6, & 7 LPM

Curves: Normal & Square

Power: 9 Volt Alkaline. Low battery indication at 6.8 Volt

Weight: 5 oz. with battery.

Dimensions: 4.7" x 2.3" x 1.0"

MicroSim Ordering Inforamtion

Cat. No. Description
Pocket Size ECG & Pressure Simulator
400 MicroSim ECG / Pressure Simulator
400-K MicroSim plus 401-403
301 Soft Carrying Case
Pressure Cable
403 Open End to phone jack
405 Spacelab
408 HP
409 Fukuda
Arrhythmia Simulator
400-ARH MicroSim Arrhythmia Simulator
Cardiac Output Simulator
1100 MicroSim COS
1101 Interface Cable
301 Soft Carrying Case
1103 Interface Cable for HP Merlyn
1000 ECG Snap Stud Adapter
333 EEG Snap Stud Adapter

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