The MicroGas system is designed for simple connection to side stream or in-line ventilator circuits to monitor inhaled Nitric Oxide concentrations. This is currently being used as a novel therapy for the treatment of ARDS and PPHN. The unique intelligent calibration and sensor drift detection makes MicroGas exceptionally easy to use. MicroGas may be used with a wide range of other gases including NO2 and CO by simply changing transducers taking advantage of the automatic gas sensing facility.


Printer NOx

Inhaled Nitric Oxide (NO) is used to reduce pulmonary arterial pressure and improve gas exchange in paediatric and adult intensive care settings. Therapeutic NO concentrations must be kept as low and stable as possible, typically a few parts per million. Higher concentrations may have an adverse effect and cause lung injury. Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), the by-product of NO, is even more toxic than NO itself and also requires to be monitored. The PrinterNOx is the most advanced NO monitor available today; it allows concentrations of NO and NO2 to be continually monitored, recorded and printed. A unique built-in sidestream sampling system and an intelligent gas sensing mechanism ensure simplicity of use combined with unrivalled accuracy and reliability.


NO & NO2 Environmental Monitors

Nitric Oxide is evolving as a novel therapy for ARDS and PPHN. The Environmental Monitors are designed to detect the presence of NO or its more toxic product Nitrogen Dioxide, wherever NO is being used. These monitors give both a loud audible warning and a visual indication of environmental gas levels. Powered by four AA cells and requiring no user calibration, these monitors are extremely portable, easy to use, and provide a high degree of safety for those involved in the care of patients receiving NO therapy.


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