Iontophor II 
Model 6111PM/DX



Size: 3.75" x 1.75" x 7" (9.5cm x 4.5cm c 17.8cm)
Weight: 1.2 lbs. (545 gm)
Power Source: Four, AA size Alkaline batteries
Display: Liquid Crystal Display (LCD), utilizes supertwist technology for high contrast and a wide viewing angle.
Current Range: 0-4.0mA in 0.02mA increments.
Accuracy: 3% of setting, worst case.
Treatment Dose Range: 0-150 mA-minutes in 1 mA-minute increments.
Open Circuit Driving Voltage: greater than 100 VDC.
Drug Polarity: Drug delivery electrode can assume "+" or "-" for either phase.
Cable Length: 3 feet (76cm), ultra flexible, touch-proof leads.


Fully Programmable
Iontophor-PM/DX allows you to enter and store commonly-used protocols for later recall.

Select Single or Dual Phase Treatments
With Iontophor-PM/DX, you can perform both single and dual phase treatments. The unit automatically reverses drug polarity and transfers the current to Phase II when the dual phasemode is selected.

Dual Treatment Capability
Iontophor-PM/DX's dual site treatment function enables you to treat two sites simultaneously, saving time and increasing cost effectiveness.

Accurately Maintains Current for Precise Dose Delivery
Iontophor-PM/DX maintains current against impedances as high as 40,000 ohms, permitting treatment of all areas, including scar tissue.

Identifies and Displays Open Circuit
When inadequate patient contact occurs, Iontophor-PM/DX indicates "OPEN". When patient contact is re-established, the current automatically returns to the preset level, and delivery continues until the required dose is achieved.

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