Setting the Standard Again!

With the introduction of the compact CPL, Collins continues to maintain it's position as the industry's leading designer of high-quality and extremely accurate pulmonary testing systems.

Its 28" x 18" footprint and clean, modern lines makes the CPL a standout system in hospital pulmonary labs, clinics and physicians' offices. But don't let the size fool you. Right out of the box, the CPL performs all the standard pulmonary tests and more.  The CPL offers in one instrument the most comprehensive set of testing capabilities available to the pulmonary lab.

bulletSpirometry (Volume or Flow based)
bulletLung Volumes (Helium Dilution or option Body Box)
bulletDiffusing Capacity (Real Time Rapid Response)
bulletGas Exchange (Pulmonary Stress)
bulletIntegrated Dosimeter (Complete Challenge Package)
bulletPImax/PEmax - (Respiratory Muscle Strength)

As you can see the CPL is more than a simple pulmonary function system. With Gas Exchange you can provide pulmonary stress testing, nutritional assessment on spontaneously breathing patients and O2 Titration. The CPL includes a complete Bronchial Challenge Package including an integrated Dosimeter and Challenge Report Software. All this for only slightly more than you would pay for a simple pulmonary function instrument.

 If it is not a CPL it is a screener!



Every test offered in a pulmonary lab depends in one way or another on one simple measurement - volume. Whether it is expressed in liters or as ventilation, a pulmonary diagnostic system must first get volume measurements correct. The Stead-Wells Spirometer has long been recognized as the Gold Standard for volumetric measurements. It also provides a near zero resistant breathing circuit for FRC and DLCO measurements. It eliminates the need for high resistance demand valves found on "flow" based systems. 

In addition, the CPL comes with the latest in a
series of rapid response analyzers from Collins. The innovative, new microGA enables the measuring of CO2 in addition to the standard gases CO and CH4. No longer is it difficult or impossible to perform diffusion testing of patients with vital capacities less than two liters. With the CPL, you have the ability to determine when washout occurs - in real/time. The microGA answers the question, "what's in the bag"?


Standard in every CPL is a state-of-the-art Collins Gas Exchange (GX) module. The GX gives you the ability to perform breath-by-breath exercise testing, resting nutritional assessment, O2,Titration and any studies
where O2 and CO2 measurements are needed. If you have been reluctant to purchase an exercise testing system because of the high cost, the CPL gives you the opportunity to add this valuable testing capability without having to purchase additional equipment.


Complete Bronchial Challenge Package - fully automates bronchial challenge protocols.


Integrated Dosimeter with sensitivity control.

Configurable Bronchial Challenge Report Software.

Maximum Inspiratory & Expiratory Pressures


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