Body Plethysmograph Digital


All-Digital Plethysmograph

The new BPD by Collins is the industry's first all-digital plethysmograph designed for all healthcare settings. Digital design means that both clinical and research laboratories have the features needed to obtain accurate, fast, clearly visible patient wave forms in all testing procedures.

The new digital filtering model ensures a level of signal stability that is not available in conventional pressure or pressure-volume plethysmographs. High-speed, high-definition signal processing allows for total breath-by-breath recall of clear, crisp patient waveforms. Not only is this ideal for research applications, but it allows the clinical laboratory the flexibility to simplify patient data.


High-Style Enclosure

We at Collins feel that such a new technology should encompass a new look. The BPD, with its five-sided, all-glass enclosure is the first plethysmograph to combine the complements of tempered glass with an aluminum alloy frame. Tempered safety glass far outperforms the less rigid PlexiglassTM commonly found in other products.


In addition, the superior tensile strength of the aluminum alloy frame ensures the rigidity needed to minimize system compliance. The unique door enclosure system combines patient safety, ease-of-use, and years of carefree maintenance into a High Style design. The Collins BPD is the one plethysmograph designed for precision and high-speed use in today's healthcare environment.


New CycloneTM Valve

The high-speed operation of the new CycloneTM valve captures the entire patient pressure waveform while meeting all of the ATS recommendations for low-circuit resistance. Patient comfort has been achieved with its whisper-quiet operation. Speed and reliability are the hallmark of the CycloneTM valve.


PLUS 2000 Platform

The BPD represents the latest product release in the family of Collins PLUS software products. All Collins PLUS products continue the commitment to data compatibility started in 1984. What's more, PLUS has evolved to become the first pulmonary program that deserves to be called a Platform. PLUS 2000 combines the power and flexibility of SQL 2000TM and Windows 2000TM into one platform from which Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, HL7 hospital interfaces or unique laboratory solutions can be designed. PLUS 2000 has no limitations…only your imagination.


Ease of Calibration

The promise of quick calibration must be compatible with the need for accuracy. Collins has incorporated temperature, barometric pressure, acoustic compliance assessment, flow, mouth pressure, and box signal phase alignment into a simple, easy, three-step calibration process. In less than two minutes, the system is ready to use, with the peace of mind that no shortcuts were taken to compromise its superb accuracy.


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